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- Fixed minor muonline optimizations
- Fixed Jewel of Soul cannot destack on certain scenario's
- Fixed Mu online Summoner curse damage calc
- Fixed Solid Protection set options not working
- Fixed Strong Belief buffs functionality
- Fixed default RuudShop configuration
- Fixed Game Server freeze issue
- Fixed Connect Member vulnerability
- Fixed Errtels mount in Pentagram
- Fixed Talisman of Luck in the selection of mixes (now, if the talisman is set to overlapping, the maximum percent it may increase is the value of overlap set)
- Fixed SD Elite potion functionality when used while being paralyzed
- Fixed muonline mastery set item drop from Item Bags
- Fixed ETOL not working with Elemental Wing Option Level Up mix
- Fixed selection of improperly working options of Errtel of Blessing
- Fixed not working option of AG increase of Dinorant
- Fixed initialization of chaos box after the failure of 4th Wings mix
- Fixed muonline latest security issue's

Posted 02 / 09 / 2021 By MuAdmin


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